Tuesday, 28 April 2015

26.4.15 Clerihews

A Clerihew is typically two rhyming couplets of irregular line length, about a person, whose name is usually the first line. This was the prompt for the day so I thought I'd have a go! Two local to to us here  in Stoke (Sir Stanley Matthews and Reginald J Mitchell), and two of my favourite actors.

Reginald Mitchell
His aircraft pitch'll
knock you for six, hire
a crew, build Spitfires!

Stanley Matthews,
a man whose
pass from the wing
made the crowd sing.

Tilda Swinton
with glorious wigs on,
inhabits her roles
as do minks their own stoles.

Tom Hiddleston
played Loki Laufeyson
but he's much more than that
sneakily devious cat. 

©Mary Parker 2015

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