Thursday, 21 April 2016

A Kenning poem - guess the subject! (20.4.16)

A kenning prompt poem (using figurative language & not naming the object/person)

Soak-sponge overhead improbably floating,
Its cotton wool softness belying its mass
Galleon of flame sailing at sundown,
But dishcloth grey when releasing its load.
Flying saucers perched on mountains,
Ragged ribbons streak the sky,
Meringue piles dart sharp lightnings,
Ephemeral chiffon wreaths drift by.

©Mary Parker 2016

Spring garden sonnet (19.4.16)

In warm sunshine the garden glows again,
The life which slept has stirred awake to stretch
From captive buds and frozen soil, their den
Through winter months. Leaves reach upwards to fetch
The light and heat, roots sink into the damp
And earthy deep to gather food for growth.
Swallows chatter up above, their wings stamp
Summer on the sky. Moving from the south
In acrobatic waves, they fill the air
Patrolling swarms of flies. We watch below
And follow with our eyes their movements there,
'til duty calls and we must bend and stow
The chaos of the winter storms' wreckage
Releasing the new shoots from their old cage.

©Mary Parker 2016

Sleeping dog lies (19.4.16)

Jack Russell curled, asleep,
Comfortable in the throw
Over cushions deep,
Twitching in dreams,
Running and sniffing, stops,
Snores in peace.

©Mary Parker 2016

Feeling tried (18.4.16)

Aches and sprains
A tissue of cries
Muscling in on lives
Elevated icily
Resting, resting
Testing strengths
Finding them wanting,
Feeding on sleep
Sleeping on feet
Treating the whole
Holding the treats
Folding seats
And wishing for heat.

©Mary Parker 2016

Encouragement (18.4.16)

Bandaged hand and foot
Losing hope 
Feeling at sea, taking on water.
Then out of nowhere
The song, that song
Out of where? A phone?
"It's gonna take some time,
Little girl you're in the middle of the ride,
Everything, everything will be just fine,
Everything everything will be alright, alright."

A spiritual message in a secular way
Helping me to see the way.
When all seemed lost, you sent it again -
Thank you, my brother and friend.

©Mary Parker 2016

Quote from "The Middle" by Jimmy Eat World

worry haiku (14.4.16)

Sitting, contemplating,
All the mess that I have made -
Can it be repaid?

       ©Mary Parker 2016

Family strife (13.4.16)

A journey down to see the folks at home,
a duty to perform; no longer ours
the freedom far to roam, under the dome
of heaven's marching firmament we cower
awaiting judgement; here at last, we go
to face our foe, our family, our own,
our next of kin. We cannot fully know
what enmity has rooted there and grown
until we draw it out, ourselves as bait.
Our deepest wish to live at peace, somehow,
and hoping not to build a bridge too late,
to buy the love of those who are too proud.
Our lives are ours to live, but can't escape
the need to satisfy the family's hate.

©Mary Parker 2016

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

10 green bottles Haiku

All along the wall,
Bottles stand ready to fall,
Try to catch them all!

©Mary Parker 2016

Half-life (11.4.16)

Detailed description, last line unexpected (Prompt)

Unassuming, she went about
The business of her life -
The sweeping up of old-style clothes,
The mending of a wife;
How could she be the way she was,
The world had changed so much,
Nothing could make the darkness past
Seem light to her, could touch
The deepest heart, her hidden soul,
The reason for her pain
So many years had trodden down
And deepened every stain.

The lark flew up and sang.

©Mary Parker 2016

Sunday, 10 April 2016

Book-spine found poem

Made from the titles of a pile of books on my bookshelf - today's prompt.

Candle in the wind, freckles
A girl of the Limberlost;
The snow goose,
The lady in the van,
Untold stories, nonsense verse -
Blessings in disguise,
And the mountains echoed.

©Mary Parker 2016

Saturday, 9 April 2016

Breaking through the wall.

I incline my head to listen, allowing words to drop in
To my open ear, letting inspiration fill the cup.
The jangle of the merry guitar, banjo note-picking
Counterpoint the keening voice, winding up
To meet the higher notes of inspired songs.
The lows are out of range, spiralling down
On sycamore-key leaves, spinning away from
The singer's grasp in this lonely and cold town.

©Mary Parker 2016

Friday, 8 April 2016

In memory of a friend

Someone wrote of burning out bright,
Burning fast and loose,
Streaking across the cold winter's night,
A miracle in a hangman's noose.
No telling the wreckage, the ash that fell,
Blowback from the rocket;
What fired your own private hell,
The dark soul in your pocket,
What broken parts drove you on, hounding,
Crushing, pulling all ways,
Making words and music, life sounding
The depths of your cries.
Your muse your bottle, your wife hard won,
Your kids the apple of your eye,
You drank the dregs, spat out the sun
And the waves washed you away.

©Mary Parker 2016

Thursday, 7 April 2016

A Tritina on plants.

The cone has dropped its seeds so dry,
The soil will take them - soak them up
And cover them with its earthy cloak.

The seeds will split their over-cloak
And stretch from coverings dry,
As sunlight tempts their young shoots up.

The rain has come - no longer dry
The muddy ground, a grasping cloak
Holds back the growth from reaching up,

But sun's cloak off, up go the shoots from sticky ground made dry.

©Mary Parker 2016

Wednesday, 6 April 2016


Oh raspberry cookies, with white chocolate chunks,
You smell oh so sweet! Ten biscuits with lumps
Filled the pack, but oh, so sad to behold,
Now most of the packet is ready to fold.
Its contents, so tasty, have gone to the place
Where their sacrificed crumbs put a smile on your face!

©Mary Parker 2016

(using the NaPoWriMo prompt for the day which was a food theme)

Tuesday, 5 April 2016


Shouted at for being ill,
Mocked for trying harder,
Suspected of just standing still,
And getting away with murder.

©Mary Parker 2016

Comfortless (4th Apr)

Out of my comfort zone,
I lack clarity -
Judgement gets cloudier.
The world spins back,
Takes the rug from my feet
And definite is relative,
Or relatively definite.

©Mary Parker 2016

Sunday, 3 April 2016

Mortal (3.4.16)

Standing still, mortality has a distant look,
Somewhere far away and long mistook
For an end-time friend, you send
It messages sometimes, your end
A leisurely contemplation over tea,
A holiday reflection in the sea
Of future life. Moving slowly, time
Will, slowly, accelerate the chime
Of days passing by, ticking over weeks
Of months that line your cheeks
As years go on; you stand, still, here,
Feeling the tide rise, the wind fall, and fear.

©Mary Parker 2016 

A Three-line Glance (Sat 2nd Apr)

A knowing glance thrown across a shoulder,
Casually causing chaos.
Caught out, the look was warm, looking older.

©Mary Parker 2016

Friday, 1 April 2016


Sharp light and shadow
Abutt each other to throw
One forward and one back,
To force one half visible,
The other kept mysterious,
To say enough but not too much;
Kept guessing, want to touch
That dark side, make it light,
Those shady secrets brought to rights.
A face in sharp relief, a part-expression,
The features half revealed, half-hidden.
A frown emerges from the shallows

But melts away back to the gallows.

©Mary Parker 2016