Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Day 30 Family

A good child
Makes you dependent,
Reverses the roles
The longer they stay
And makes it
Harder to let them go,
And maybe
harder for them to leave.
And yet,
And yet….
Is what family is all about.
I never saw it
For what it was
Til now.

©Mary Parker 2017

Day 29 Road, a free association poem

The hint for this day was to take a favourite poem (in this case Return to Scalpay by Norman MacCaig), and pick a noun from it. I chose the word 'Road' as it is repeated many times in the poem and has a great significance. Then we were to spend five minutes writing down any words that came to mind in free association with the word itself. This is the resulting poem constructed from those associations, the original word list is beneath.

The road stretches endlessly,
Disappearing over the hills
My destination's at the end
Of the ribbon, in the distance,
At the end of a winding drive
Through valleys' wet tarmac,
Heat-haze hot plains, traffic
Steaming through in tired lines.
Kestrel hovering, roadkill in verges,
The journey home hemmed in
By banks and bridges - roadworks
In view, closed lanes stretch,
But on foot or by car we will visit,
Nothing will keep us away.

©Mary Parker 2017

Destination  ribbon  distance  drive  winding  end  journey  tarmac  valley  plains  disappearing  heat-haze hot  wet  verges  kestrel hovering  roadkill  traffic  endless  tired  car  foot  view  home  away  visit  closed  roadworks  banks  bridges  lines 

Monday, 1 May 2017

Day 28 Cefn Onn, an almost sonnet

I'm walking, far from Cardiff my home town
But close to home. A chaffinch sings out loud
And there am I, eighteen, deep in painting,
In a country park. My daydream broken
by the chaffinch song in branches above,
The starry moss so green beneath my feet
And rhododendrons bright in every nook,
With drunken bumble bees on country paths,
Blissful sunny days of painting in peace.
In childhood, trains would stop - a halt and bridge
Inside the park. In teens, the halt was closed,
With trespass the sole way to platform two.
Now just the centre pillar stands before
The tunnel's gaping mouth beneath the hill.

©Mary Parker 2017 

(Cefn Onn is a beautiful country park to the north of Cardiff, where I spent many happy days painting while doing my Foundation Course in Art and Design back in 1988/89)